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"I  don't know where I'd be without Hannah.  I lost my tennis partner to a heart condition and wasn't exercising very much.  She has been an inspiration on many levels.   We started out at a gym and now Hannah trains me in my home, which is great.  I love being able to exercise daily without always having to go to a gym!  I'm also a golfer and because of the core strength I have now, I can drive this ball a mile." -Andrea, Client Age 60

"I was extremely impressed with the initial consult. It was very thorough and Hannah analyzed what all my goals were and each session was individualized to meet my needs and goals. I was also very impressed with her knowledge and expertise when it comes to personal training, she definitely cares about each individual she works with. One on one sessions were very fun and didn't seem like a chore at all!!" -Katelyn, Client Age 20

"Before I started working out with Hannah, I was very weak in my strength, balance and out of shape. I wanted to know the knowledge and correct form of weight training. With Hannah's knowledge and training, all of my expectations and more were met." -Beth, Client Age 50

"Hannah has helped me gain strength, and improved my balance. She also is always cheerful and positive every session." -Nick, Client Age 57

"Hannah surprised me with an assortment of new challenges each time we met, ultimately addressing my weak areas as well as my overall fitness needs. I have improved my flexibility, increased muscle mass, developed better core strength, and most importantly I am able to exercise without pain; using proper form with a variety of exercises." -Eileen, Age 64

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