• Hannah Smage

When you feel like your in a rut and want a change?

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I believe most people go through ruts in their life do to boredom, repetitiveness, and lack of motivation. Sometimes I wonder why this happens, or how we got here. I'm sure a lot of you are expecting an answer, but I don't really have one. Although I do know ways that I can help; I go through ruts all the time and it drives me crazy. Big thing you have to look at is that there is always a bright side at the end of the tunnel. Things happen for a reason good and bad; you might be having a tough time now, but know it will get better.

Next time when your going through a rut ask your self these questions:

  • What's burning me out?

  • Have I been making time for myself?

  • Am I spending enough time with the family?

  • Do I have too much work and not enough play?

  • Do I have 30 minutes of my day to get a workout in?

  • Am I in good health?

  • Am I just eating because I am bored?

  • Am I doing the same workout everyday?


Those are just a few questions to think about next time your in a rut. They might help pin point what is actually going on because there are always underlying reasons on why you are in that specific rut.

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