Meet Hannah

I didn't always have a healthy fit lifestyle; I went through a very awkward stage in high school. I was never very comfortable being in front of people and use to make excuses so didn't have to work out. Then freshman summer, I started to run at night because I didn't want people to see me exercise. Not before long, I began to notice results and eventually started taking more gym classes that I enjoyed. When junior year rolled around I was down 55 pounds and took a gym class called trends and fitness. It motivated me more than ever and introduced me to group exercise, nutrition, and personal training. Since then I never turned back and have been teaching classes for 10 years and personal training for 6.

I am a very outgoing individual that loves to live life to its fullest. Most people know me as the energizer bunny or sunshine. Some hobbies I enjoy on my free-time are biking, trials, yoga, and running. I have the most rewarding job in the world. When I can help people live a healthier life, it makes for a happy day. 

There is always one question I like to ask people, that is "who is your biggest critic?" People always respond that it's themselves. What got me motivated was, I stopped being so hard on myself and the fact that people started to notice my changes. Health and wellness changed my life, so let me help you change yours. 


Bachelors in Exercise Science and Health Promotion

Certified Biomechanic Method and Corrective Exercise 

Certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach AFPA

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner AADP

Certified NASM Personal Trainer

Certified OTA Online Personal Trainer

Certified AFFA Group Exercise Instructor

Certified AFFA Yoga Essentials I

Certified Multiple Group Training

Certified AFFA Prehab Vs Rehab

Certified Silver Sneakers Yoga Instructor

Certified Sports Nutrition

Certified CPR/AED/First Aid